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Why enter the Dorset Business Awards?

Entries for the Dorset Business Awards will open on the 7th of June and as organisers of the awards we take a great deal of pride in bringing 650 guests from the business community together to celebrate the talents, diversity and achievements of Dorset.

Business awards ceremonies are not a big drunken VIP party, only the naive or short-sighted would believe this to be true. They are a significant night in someone’s professional journey where they are recognised for their talent, drive, determination, their contribution and successes. At the Dorset Business Awards you will witness  at first-hand how much winning an award means to the winners and how much they are humbled by the whole experience. Becoming finalist or a winner can transform and propel a business to betterment. It would appear that success does indeed breed success.

Entering the Dorset Business Awards are free and open to any business in any sector no matter their size from across the county. Here are 5 reasons you should be seriously consider entering your business into an awards.

1. A cash injection to your marketing budget

The ROI on becoming a finalist or the eventual winner is colossal and equivalent to receiving a very significant cash injection into your marketing budget, all you have to do is spend a little time (with your colleagues to lighten the load) completing the entry forms and then you can sit back. By riding the wave of your success and utilising the PR surrounding the awards you can increase your brand awareness and use it to your advantage to gain new business opportunities and break into new markets.

2. Benchmark against your competitors

The entry process has the ability help you gain a 360 degree view of your business as you will be naturally drawn to review your business objectively and benchmark your organisation against competitors in key services and other areas that matter. This enables you and your team to adapt and improve to advance progressively.

3. Rocket fuel to team motivation

Recognising employees for their hard work and contribution is a key element in any high performing business and contributes to good staff retention and team cohesion. Sharing the experience of winning an award or making the finalists shortlist with your team from the start at the entry process through to the finish at the prestigious ceremony will have a big and positive impact on your business and give your team a boost. It can reinforce their commitment and pride in working for such a successful business.

4. A credible endorsement

Based on the simple fact that we like to do business with people that we trust, winning an award or being a finalist serves as a credible endorsement for your organisation. It enables you differentiate yourself from your competitors and will help you to build or maintain a high-quality brand and at the very least serve as a great platform from which to grow.

5. A talent magnet

A successful business has the luxury of attracting talent to them therefore an organisation who is winning awards with a high brand value is in a prime position to attract and select the best candidates to help innovate and grow their business and get ahead within their marketplace.

Go ahead and enter to start your journey to further success.

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